On the morning of May 24, Assoc. Prof. Dang Van My - Director of the UD-CK, and staff of Department of International Cooperation had a meeting with the delegation from the University of Valenciennes (France) to discuss on enhancing the cooperation, staff and student exchange, and the development of joint programs between the two institutions.

The delegation of Valenciennes University includes Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Muoi – Responsible for International Cooperation in Asia, Ms. Maria Gonzalez – Head of International Cooperation Department, and Prof. Veronique Lagae – Lecturer of Faculty of Linguistics, Arts and Humanities.



University of Valenciennes is a multi-disciplinary university located in the city of Valenciennes in northern France. Currently, it provides training programs in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences, Economics, Law, and Science. University of Valenciennes is ranked 52 out of 76 famous universities in France.



On behalf of the deligation, Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Muoi said that University of Valenciennes would like to develop and enhance the cooperation with many universities in Vietnam, including members of the University of Danang in different education related activities. In terms of the cooperation with UD-CK, University of Valenciennes want to recruit lecturers and students to France to study Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programs. She also wants to collaborate with UD-CK to develop French Language Center that will create conditions for many students, lecturers in Kontum to study France for persuading their studies in France in the future.


In addition, Mr. Maria Gonzalez shared the desire to collaborate with UD-CK to open one or two joint programs between the two institutions (under the 3 + 1 or 2 + 2 program - students can study for 2 or 3 years at UD- CK taught by French, then go to study in France last year or last two years).


University of Valenciennes has a high quality training model, combining theory and practice, ensuring that 90% of students got a job after graduation. In addition, it has a good relationship with companies and enterprises in France, thus students are introduced to jobs after graduation.


On behalf of UD-CK, Assoc. Prof. Dang Van My said that UD-CK was very happy for the participation of the delegation in the Vietnam-Laos-France cultural and cuisine day on 23/5. He was also appreciated for the delegation to propose many activities for the cooperation between two institutions, and opening the opportunities for students in Kontum to study abroad. Currently, UD-CK has opened free French classes for its students and high school students in the province. UD-CK will introduce oversea programs in France to attract for high school students and encourage more students to learn French before applying to study in France. Assoc. Prof. Dang Van My also said that UD-CK will discuss to develop joint programs with Unviersity of Valenciennes accordance with demands of regional development to attract students in coming time.


After the meeting, the delegation of Unviersity of Valenciennes together with UD-CK’s staff and students had a charity event in Vinh Son 5 Orphan house (Konklo 2 Village, Dak Rowa Commune, Kon Tum city).



The delegation has a lot of meaningful gifts for 70 orphans being raised here such as clothes, books, milk, crayons, candy... In addition, the delegation also provides many toys and sport stuff to help children have more fun activities. The delegation also bought a lot of clothes, personal items, needles so that they can take care of their lives.



After giving presents, the delegation members had time to play with children. The orphans are very happy to visit the group, they also sang English songs, tell stories and enjoy with others.


The visit opened up many international cooperation opportunities between UD-CK and University of Valenciennes in the field of training, staff and student exchange, and provision of oversea study for local students. This also asserted the role of UD-CK in training and providing high quality human resources for the Central and Central Highlands.