After long-time preparation, the Cuisine Culture Exchange among Vietnamese-Laotian- French students were held on Wednesday afternoon, May 23rd at the University of Danang, Campus in Kon Tum (UD-CK). This occurred spiritedly and meaningfully, attracted the participation of UD-CK citizens and international students.

Starting their food preparation and cooking quite early, before officially kicking off the festival at 4pm, all teams of students were ready to welcome the guests, students, and staff to visit and study the traditional foods of their home countries.



From “the country of wine and cheese”, the French students proudly introduced their featured dishes like crepe cake, grilled cheese sandwich or pasta salad.


Meanwhile, the Laotian students brought a variety of traditional foods to the festival, like grilled fish, steamed sticky rice, grilled chicken, or fried fish with tamarind sauce. They really made the customers excited for a party with tastes from the region of Champa flowers.



Amongst Vietnamese cuisine which was diverse and varied according to the regions, Vietnamese team chose to highlight the food culture of Central Vietnam. The delighted food with unique flavor, such as rice cracker, Quang noodle, girdle cake with vegetable, seasoning sauce and pork, or fried spring roll, attracted visitors and created their excitement.  



At the festival, the Director of the University of Danang, Campus in Kon Tum - Assoc. Prof. Dang Van My was pleased to share that the Vietnamese-Laotian-French Cuisine Culture Exchange was a helpful playground for mutual exchange, sharing and learning among Vietnamese students and international students. This is a great chance for them to study the cultures and people of different countries. More specially, they had opportunities to enjoy the cuisine of three countries: Vietnam – Laos – France. Because of the significance of such events, Mr. Dang Van My had committed to expanding and organizing more activities to tighten relationship among students.



More particularly, the delegation of the University of Valenciennes led by Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Muoi  joined the lecturers and students of UD-CK in this exchange. Coming to Vietnam for work and charity activities, it was happy to participate in a meaningful event held by UD-CK, said Ms. Le Thi Muoi. She also expressed that all members of the delegation had a great time to study Vietnamese and Laotian culture, people and countries and explore the uniqueness of Vietnamese and Laotian food. Moreover, she appreciated the role of the board of directors and UD-CK staff in taking care well of students’ spiritual life.



Not only bring the delicious dishes with the eye-catching display to the festival, all teams also had the visitors join a journey of knowledge, countries, people, religions, etc. via impressive and attractive presentations. In addition, each team presented the stunning performances.


Cũng trong khuôn khổ ngày hội, không chỉ trình bày những món ăn đẹp mắt, hấp dẫn, các đội còn mang đến cho mọi người những sự hiểu biết, kiến thức về văn hóa, đất nước, con người, tín ngưỡng… của mỗi đất nước thông qua những bài thuyết trình bằng slide rất ấn tượng và thu hút. Bên cạnh đó, mỗi đội còn mang đến cho chương trình những tiết mục văn nghệ đặc sắc, hấp dẫn.



In the friendly and warm atmosphere of the exchange, the guests and students spent time together enjoying the dishes cooked by Vietnamese, Laotian and French student teams. Of the most memorable moment was the French students studying how to wrap pork in girdle cake for their first times, or the Laotian and Vietnamese students practicing to make crepe cake, or enjoying the explosion of spicy taste of Tam mak hung – a Laotian green papaya salad. Such moments made the exchange more exciting and meaningful.