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Đại học Đà Nẵng thông báo học bổng của trường Đại học Brescia, Cộng hòa Ý (11/03/2016 2:22:24 PM)


Master's Degree Programmes A.Y. 2016/17 Scholarshi

The University of Brescia: Master's Degree Programmes A.Y. 2016/17 Scholarships for students holding foreign educational qualifications

Deadline: 10 april 2016

The University of Brescia issues this call for the awarding of no. 10 scholarships destined to students holding foreign educational qualifications.

The overall gross amount of each scholarship is 5,500.00 €.

The scholarships are reserved for students holding a Bachelor's Degree awarded abroad from a Study Programme of the minimum duration of three years, and shall be distributed as follows:

· Communication Technologies and multimedia maximum 5 scholarships
· Civil and Environmental Engineering maximum 5 scholarships
· Science and Technology for population Health and Wealth maximum 5 scholarships
· Management (International Business Curriculum) maximum 5 scholarships


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